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October 4, 2009
[Announcement] TSM - DKP Rule v3.9 (submitted by Crlight at 01:30pm MDT)

            TSM - DKP Rule v3.9

I. Introduction

(A) What is DKP?

DKP, a.k.a. Dragon Kill Points, was a system created by the After Life guild in EQLive, which can easily manage raid attendance records of guild members. Members could receive DKP through raids, and use them as a kind of "money" in loot bidding under the rules.

(B) Note

 1. The URL for our guild's DKP recording system is TSM - DKP system, you could also click the link on the top of our guild web and register.

 2. The norms and requirements of our raid activities followed by [Notice] TSM - DKP Regulations v3.3.

 3. Officers have the right to revise in the future, and feel free to discuss and give us recommendations.

II. Rule content

(A) Organization

 1. Guild members who attend raids must join the DKP system and follow the norms.

 2. Raid Leaders (a.k.a. RL) in raids are played by officers, and they have the right to make final decisions of reward and penalties.

 3. Raid Recorders are played by officers or intern officers, and they will post the logs on Raid Log boards after raids.

(B) Giving DKPs and punishments

 1. Whether it failed or not, raids which arranged on the calendar and recorded by guild officers, will give out 1 DKP every hour to each member who come to the rally point since the announced time (i.e. 20:00). If the raid time is less than one hour, give out 1 DKP. If the raid time ran over 20 minutes then will give out another 1 DKP.

 2. If any member must seat out due to tactics or compositions, and still waiting out side standby, they will earn the same amount of DKPs follow rule number one once arrived.

 3. Every raid will record by the announced rally time. Member who is late will minus one DKP.

 4. RL has the right to minus up to double the member’s DKP in one raid, if he / she AFK with no reasons and it seriously jeopardize the raid force.

 (i.e.: The raid gives 5 DKP, then the maximum deduction is up to 5 DKP.)

 5. If the raid is not end and without any tactical needs buts someone EVAC, depending on the seriousness, RL could minus up to twice the DKP earnings with the raid.

 (i.e.: The raid gives 5 DKP, then the maximum deduction is up to 10 DKP.)

 6. If the raid is not end and without any tactical needs but someone revived to zone out, depending on the seriousness, RL could minus up to twice the DKP earnings with the raid.

 (i.e.: The raid gives 5 DKP, then the maximum deduction is up to 10 DKP.)

 7. If the raid is not end or without consent but someone left the raid / zone, RL could minus up to twice the DKP earnings with the raid.

 (i.e.: The raid gives 5 DKP, then the maximum deduction is up to 10 DKP.)

 8. The rules above is for members who have already participated three raids. Only warnings will given out to those recruits or newbie under 3 raids. Intern officers will get 1.5 times more deductions.

 9. During the auction, If someone bid with a price which is more than his current value (depends on our DKP site), he will receive a 15 DKP amerce. If the item was sold and discovered after the auction, who overbid will still have to pay the item price plus the amerce as 15 DKP.

(C) The provisions of loot prices

 ‧T8 Fabled class and sub-class sets: Min 8 DKP

 ‧T8 Fabled: Min 5 DKP

 ‧T8 Legendary: Min 4 DKP

 ‧T8 Master I scroll: Min 2 DKP

 ‧T8 Adornments materials Mana: 3 DKP thru apply

(D) How to use your DKP

 1. How much DKPs you have depends on the TSM-DKP site at present, and only main char may use DKPs.

 2. Raid dropped Heirloom loots will bid after it drops and the minimum price is depends on which item type it is.

  3. Auctioneer must be the one who are not interested with the loot. If RL is going to bid then other officers must be the auctioneer.

  4. The auction is divided into two rounds, once the auction is started, everyone interested with the loot must send their bid to the auctioneer in 10 seconds. After that, auctioneer will announce the second highest bid on raid chat, and then started the second round. Everyone must then give their second bid to auctioneer, which must be equal or higher then their first bid, except the highest one in first round do not have to send his/ her bid. If no one is higher then the highest bid in first round, then the highest bid wins immediately. But if someone is equal or higher then the highest bid in first round, auctioneer will ask him / she to decide weather he / she wants to match the highest bid in second round or not. If yes, then he / she win the loot with the highest price in second round. If no, the highest bid in second round wins. Generally speaking, the highest bid in first round gives you a chance to match in second round with any price.

 5. If there are more than one bid giving the same price, the auction must restart until there is a highest bid. If this keeps happening more than three times, then everyone who gives the same bid must /roll to decide who win the loot.

 6. Members can not give higher bid than the positive value they have in current. You can still bid in an auction if your DKP value is negative, but the priority is lower than any other positive values. If more than one bidder are in negative value, the one with less negative or Raider wins.

 7. If nobody bids raid dropped Heirloom loots, based on not to waste it, RL can ask who with negative value DKPs loots directly.

 8. If nobody bids Trade-able loots, it will be put on broker for sale. Master I spell scrolls could sell to mains with 10 plats and alts with 20 plats, no DKP allowed.

 9. Armor type effects which class could bid. In most cases, heavy is for Warriors, Knights and Clerics, chain is for Shamans, Scouts, Leather is for brawlers and druids, and silk is for mages. If you bid an armor which isn't your type than your bid will known as lowest price. (Raid Leader have the right to decide exceptions.)

 10. Special set gears or peice effected gears, will give all the following peices to who won the bid at first. The earlier the first.

 11. The price is 15 pp while alt char participate a bid and must loot directly with the character in the zone, due to the change of No-Trade to Heirloom.

[公告] TSM - DKP 規章 v3.9 (submitted by Crlight at 01:29pm MDT)

            TSM - DKP 規章 v3.9


(一) 何謂 DKP ?

DKP 即為 Dragon Kill Points,也就是殺龍點數英文的縮寫,是由 EQ1 時期 EEQ 知
名的 After Life 公會,經過討論規劃後所創立的一個制度跟系統,能夠有效的管理會員

會員們則藉由出席 Raid 活動,並依照規則來領取點數,再透過競標或各種不同方式將點

(二) 注意事項

 1. 本公會的 DKP 紀錄站位址為 TSM - DKP 系統,亦可以點選會板頂端的連結進入並

 2. 公會相關 Raid 活動規範與要求依 [公告] TSM - DKP 規章 v3.8 實行之。

 3. 以下規章內容,幹部群有權在往後進行修正,也歡迎會員提供建議討論。


(一) 組織

 1. 公會成員欲參與 Raid 活動者皆需加入此 DKP 系統並遵守本規章規範。

 1. TSM - DKP 系統之維護與紀錄由公會正式幹部 (Officer) 擔任。

 2. Raid Leader (以下略稱 RL) 由公會正式幹部擔任,活動中 RL 具有決議該場獎懲

 3. 記錄員由公會正式、儲備幹部擔任,並於活動結束後依 "記錄員 Raid Log 紀錄方式
   " 張貼各場 Log 於 Raid Log 檔案室。

(二) DKP 給點與獎懲

 1. 由公會幹部安排並有幹部進行紀錄之正式公會 Raid 活動,無論失敗與否,參與會員
   自公告集合時間開始每一小時給予 1 DKP,不足一小時以單一場次最低 1 DKP
   計,超過 20 分鐘則額外給予 1 DKP。

 2. 因 Raid 隊伍組成因素而在外等候者,如能在線上並保持聯絡,則依照待命時間給予
   同額 DKP,DKP 給點標準參照前項。

 3. 各場活動依照公告集合時間進行紀錄,未準時者扣除該場總得點 1 DKP。

 4. 不明原因 AFK 情況嚴重而危及團隊利益者,視嚴重程度 RL 評估可扣最多一倍該場
   DKP 得點。

   (例: 該場給點 5 DKP,最多可扣 5 DKP。)

 5. 活動尚未結束且無任何戰術需要卻 EVAC 者,視情況嚴重程度 RL 評估可扣最多該
   場兩倍 DKP 得點。

   (例: 該場給點 5 DKP,最多可扣 10 DKP。)

 6. 活動尚未結束且無任何戰術需要卻自行復活至出口或區域外,視情況嚴重程度 RL 評
   估可扣最多該場兩倍 DKP 得點。

   (例: 該場給點 5 DKP,最多可扣 10 DKP。)

 7. 活動尚未結束或未經 RL 同意卻自行離隊 / 離開區域者,扣該場兩倍 DKP 得點。

   (例: 該場給點 5 DKP,最多可扣 10 DKP。)

 8. 以上獎懲條例適用於參與活動超過三次之會員,三次以下僅予以口頭提醒,若為儲備
   幹部以上階級一律 1.5 倍處分。

 9. 競標時,出價超過所持正點 (以 DKP 站數值為準),扣 15 DKP,若已得標則仍須扣除該物品得標之點數。

   (例: 若 A 出價超過所持正點並得標,則須扣除該物品得標價加 15 DKP。)

(三) 物品價格規定

 ‧T8 Fabled 職業套裝: 8 DKP 起標。

 ‧T8 Fabled 裝備: 5 DKP 起標。

 ‧T8 Legendary 裝備: 4 DKP 起標。

 ‧T8 Master I 法術技能: 2 DKP 起標。

 ‧T8 Adornments 材料 Mana: 任意時間向幹部以 3 DKP 申請。

(四) DKP 點數使用方式

 1. 現有 DKP 點數,一律以 TSM - DKP 系統上之點數為準,且僅主角色可使用 DKP

 2. Raid 掉落之 Heirloom 物品依物品類型有不同起標價進行現場競標,若無人下標則

 3. Raid 掉落之 Heirloom 物品競標之主持者為對該物品沒有下標意願者,亦即若 RL

 4. Raid 掉落之 Heirloom 物品掉落後由競標主持者喊出該物起標價並開始競標。有意
   最高價則主持者將詢問首輪最高價者是否要以第二輪最高價得標: 若為是,則首輪最高

 5. Raid 掉落之 Heirloom 物品現場競標時,若最高標價同時有兩人或以上,則重新出

 6. Raid 掉落之 Heirloom 物品現場競標不能出價超過所持有之正點,負點者仍可參
   與競標但僅無人下標時可由負點者拾取,超過兩名負點則以 Raider 或負點較少者優

 7. Raid 掉落之 Heirloom 物品無人下標之定義為,開放競標後沒有任何人下標給該
   競標之主持者,此時 RL 可決定是否基於不浪費該物品的情況詢問負點者是否願意拾

 8. 可交易物品若現場無人下標,將於活動結束後掛賣,Master I 技能書僅能以現金價
   格主角色 10pp、副角色 20pp 購買而無法以 DKP 下標。

 9. 裝甲類別: 戰士 / 騎士/ 牧師系可標鋼甲,巫醫 / 斥候系可標鏈甲,武術師 / 德魯
   價。 (適用多數狀況,部分例外由 RL 與幹部現場議定。)

 10. 由該場 RL 或幹部議定具特殊套裝效果或件數累計效果之首件競標的標得者,將獲
   得優先撿拾剩餘件數且不需額外支付 DKP 點數的權力。同一套件愈早得標者,撿

 11. 因應 No-Trade 變更為 Heirloom,副角色欲參與競標時,底標為 15 pp,並直接由在場角色拾取。

(五) 主 MT 條款

 1. 公會認定之主 MT 將依本條款運作。

 2. 主 MT 得依 RL 判定明顯具 MT 價值之裝備以及視其現有裝備之差距決定是否為
   MT 裝備,若是則以其底價兩倍之 DKP 直接不需透過競標拾取,若否則仍以需參與

 3. 主 MT 之職業甲若在場有第二個 Guardian 則以兩倍底價拾取,若否則仍維持以底

(六) 轉換主角色

 1. 所有參與 TSM - DKP 制度下 Raid 活動之成員,務必選定一角色為其主角色,其
   後所有該會員參與之 Raid 活動將以該主角色為唯一 DKP 使用者。

 2. 所有參與 TSM - DKP 制度下 Raid 活動之成員,除主角色外之任何角色皆視為副
   角色,無法在任何情況下使用 DKP。

 3. 副角色於 Raid 活動中為最低撿拾權限,亦即副角色僅能撿拾所有現場、場外待命之
   主角色無意下標之 No-Trade 裝備,且需於活動前就已將副角色開至入口等候者方
   得有機會由 RL 決定是否開放撿拾。

 4. 所有參與 TSM - DKP 制度下 Raid 活動之成員,欲申請轉換主副角色者可於 "
   移 DKP 紀錄主 / 副角色規則 & 職業需求
" 依照格式提出申請,公會幹部將視當時

 5. 尚未參與任何 TSM - DKP 制度下 Raid 活動之成員,可以不受限制任意轉換主角

 6. 申請轉換主副角色之條件為轉移前之副角色需達 Lv75,而幹部審核是否通過之標準

 7. 依公會職業需求列表,各職業開放固定名額,若已額滿則該申請無限期延後審核,一

 8. 申請轉換主副角色通過之成員,將於通過後由幹部於該篇申請主題公告之,並於公告
   後下一場 Raid 活動立即生效。

(七) 其他注意事項

 ‧DKP 為負數不可任意脫離工會,否則加入永不錄用名單並公告之。

 ‧已脫離工會者,DKP 紀錄將刪除。

 ‧公會 Raid 活動中,僅 RL 或指定人員可撿拾物品。

 ‧掉落物品以有參加該場 Raid 人員 (含因組成因素在外等候者) 具備優先得標權。




三、Q & A

 Q: 每場的 Raid 計時是從幾點開始呢?
 A: 每場 Raid 之給點皆從該場公告集合時間開始計算至該場活動最後一個目標或 RL

 Q: 我在外面待命要如何才能拿到完整 DKP 呢?
 A: 準時到場但是在外待命至活動結束者可拿到完整 DKP,臨時到場待命或是提早離開
    者只能拿到待命時間的 DKP,且為了保障各位權益務必自行告知該場紀錄人員到場

 Q: 我要如何獲得 Mana ?
 A: 每場活動結束後將會把拆解的 Mana 開放會員申請,請逕行向幹部以 3 DKP 領

 Q: 競標方式似乎很大一個部份的關鍵在於主持者身上,若是該主持者錯誤導致物品判
 A: 公會內的競標主持必定是公正的,既然各位會員已經參加公會主辦之活動則請務必

 Q: 我的 DKP 低於某物品的底價 (或為負點),該如何參與競標?
 A: 請仍出該物品之底價予競標主持者,若無人出價方可拾取該物品。

 Q: 我的分身想拿 Raid 掉落之 Heirloom 裝備請問有可能嗎?
 A: 非主角色參與競標一律以 15 pp 為底標且不可加價,得標順序為: 主角色 >
    Recruit > 非主角色,若有多名非主角色參與競標則以擲骰決定。

 Q: 可轉移裝備或是 Master I 技能若現場無人競標因此成為掛賣物,我該如何購買?
 A: 請直接在遊戲內洽詢 Yiss (或 broker 以 ID 查詢 Yiss) 或是透過 mail 詢問。

 Q: 我今天已經有了 Byzola 掉落隨件數增強效果的項鍊,當我同時和一個也有項鍊的
 A: 依照 (四) - 10. 相關規則,無論兩人已撿拾件數多寡與否,先得標者將先獲得撿

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